Thursday, December 3, 2015


10 Technologies

1. Lino:

       Lino was completely new to me this semester. It is a unique platform that allowed us to visually represent and organize our work for the semester. It was an easy way for everyone to participate on the same documented and it is nice that everyone's posts can be seen at once on the same page. I definitely would consider using this in my classroom in the future.
2. Blog:

       This was not the first time I have used a blog for one of my classes. I have taken two sculpture classes with Bonnie Collura and for both of these classes, we had a class blog to post in-progress images of our projects to show our work outside of class. We used the blog differently for this class as a way to upload our assignments. I enjoyed using the blog. It's nice to be able to view what my peers are working on and what their thoughts are about the things we do in class. I definitely could see myself using this technology in my future classroom.

3. VoiceThread:

       The voicethread was completely new to me. I found it to be slightly confusing and difficult to navigate. It took me longer than necessary to figure out how to get the video onto it. I don't think I will use this again.

4. Wordle:

       I have used similar technology to Wordle in a middle school English class once a long time ago (I don't believe it was the same exact platform, but it produced a very similar compilation of words). I found it difficult to remove words, if you messed up, you had to restart removing the unnecessary words. I think I restarted mine 10 times and then gave up and submitted what I had. I definitely wouldn't use this in my classroom, I was barely successful with it myself, I don't think a young child would be able to use it.

5. Webquest:

       I really enjoyed creating the webquest. Initially I was very intimated by the idea of creating my own website but I found that it was a lot easier to do than I had anticipated. I was really happy with how mine looked when I finished, and I even managed to insert a poll into the website (that took a lot of work to figure out). I definitely would use this in the future.

6. 3D Printing:

       3D printing was a completely new technology for me. I never realized all of the possibilities for this technology. I enjoyed getting to learn the basics and I am interested in continuing to use 3D printing and learn more about it in the future. I definitely would use this in my classroom.

7. Soundcloud:

       I have used Soundcloud many times before to listen to music but I have never used it to listen to text like we did in this class. Personally, I was not a fan of this. I am a very visual learner and I found it hard to stay focused on just the sound, I had to rewind a couple times when I realized I was thinking about something else. I think most people in the arts are also visual learners so I probably wouldn't use this in the future.

8. iMovie:

       I have used iMovie many times in the past but I haven't used it recently so it was cool to get a refresher on how it works and see all the new updates. I also learned how to do some more advanced stuff with it (like fast forwarding and slowing down a clip). I had a lot of fun with this, I would certainly use it in the future.

9. Garage Band:

       I've used garage band many times before to edit music because I teach dance and music often needs edited for shows. I have never used it to edit a voice like this but I actually thought it was way easier than editing music because you don't have to worry about the flow of all the background instruments and making everything lines up super precisely. I could see myself using this in the future.

10. Adobe Flash:

       Adobe Flash Professional is a multimedia authoring program used to create content for the Adobe Engagement Platform, such as web applications, games and movies, and content for mobile phones and other embedded devices.

Things you can do with it:

  • Create motion tweens
  • Create frame-by-fram animations
  • Motion presets
  • Use Tween Instances
  • Create shape tweens

       Creating the animations on Adobe flash was my favorite thing we did this semester. Initially when the project was introduced, I was dreading it because I have used it before when I took a computer graphics class at my high school and hated it. In the class I took, it was the first time in my life that I ever used a computer that wasn't a Mac so I was struggling to do basic things (like log into the computer). Everything we created in that class, we did as a class, so we all went step by step and did exactly what the teacher said, and we all finished with identical projects. If I ever encountered a problem, I had no idea how to solve it because I didn't understand how the program worked, I was just going through the motions as they were outlined to me. I loved that when we used it in this c;ass, we were able to take an exploratory approach to using it. I learned a lot about how the program worked by playing around with it myself and watching YouTube tutorials. I actually spent a ton of time outside of class working on my animation because I got so into the project. I definitely would use this again, I had a lot of fun with it and it was awesome seeing what the rest of the class created and learning about the approaches they took and the processes they used to create their animations.

This is a great way to get students involved that aren't super interested in hands on art. I recall when I observed a class of 8th graders last year I talked to a student who told me he hated art and then 5 minutes later told me how excited he was to take graphic design at the high school the following year. I tried to explain to him that graphic design was art, but he disagreed. Including an animation project in the curriculum in the regular art classroom could bridge that gap and most likely would help gain the interest of students who otherwise do not enjoy art.

       To relate it back to my original concept of student collaborating with students from other backgrounds I could have the class each create individual clips to make a class story (i.e. storytelling each person adds on to the story).

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Check out my voicethread here:

The collection of works in my exhibit all focus on the theme of hope. I wanted to tie this in so that students coming from a variety of backgrounds can identify with it. I left the themes of hope very broad so that it can be fit to each student's own interpretations.

Find Card:

Find a piece that makes you believe in something bigger than yourself and/or your current situation in life. What did this piece make you believe in? How did this piece change/impact your perceptions on the subject of hope?

Friday, October 16, 2015


One of the topics I came up with during class was the idea of creating a unique brand for yourself as an artist.
For the first assignment I will allow the students time to use Tinkercad to create a stamp to use to mark their artwork.
Then after printing, students will be able to use this to press a stamp into the bottom or ceramic or plaster pieces to mark it, or to dip in ink and press onto a painting or drawing as a new signature to claim their work.
Then as a collaborative piece students will make either a mosaic with the student's stamps (if clay is available) or they will make a large mural with their stamps. I think it would also be fun to do a sort of guessing game and see if the students are able to identify each other by their stamp.